Take as long as you might take, you might take long by Ryan Gander
Photographs by Takashi Homma & Ryan Gander

Take as long as you might take, you might take long documents an installation by Ryan Gander, commissioned by and first exhibited at Daiwa Viewing Room, Hiroshima, Japan. A standard ceiling mounted sprinkler system in the otherwise empty gallery space is switched on for the duration of the show, the water being invisibly drained from the space and recycled back into the sprinkler system. During the exhibition Ryan Gander instigates and directs a photoshoot of three Japanese females modelling oversized Thom Browne men’s suits within the space. The images of the photoshoot are printed on the interior of the traditional Japanese binding method, meaning the reader must cut the publication to discover the hidden half of the book.

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Author / Editor: Ryan Gander
Published by Daiwa Press Co., Ltd & Dent—De—Leone
Design: Åbäke
Year: 2013
Price: £TBC Postage & Package not included
Pages: 160
First Edition: 450 copies
ISBN number: 978-1-907908-15-6
Weight: 193g
Width: 13 cm
Height: 19 cm
Language: None
Cover: Flexi