Mechanical Systems Drawing Vol.2
Mathew Kneebone

“Fully submerged in the damp earth, I was deprived of visual sensation… Perhaps due to the mesmerising emptiness of the black void or else the lack of oxygen, my eyes soon made images of their own. Pulsating wires entangled before me and emitted an eerie green glow before surging brightly then fizzling away like fireworks. This combination of oscillating blotches and meandering lines crept from the corners of my vision like the growing outlines of a nervous system…”

Mechanical System Drawings Vol. 2 brings together a collection of drawings by Mathew Kneebone whose practice encompasses writing, performance, sculptural installation and drawings. As a child, Mathew’s sister was struck by lightning during a family trip, an event which could have triggered the corpus of work Mathew is working on to this day.

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Author: Mathew Kneebone
Year: 2015
Pages: 96
First Edition: 1000 copies
ISBN number: 978-1-90790-826-2
Weight: xx
Width: 14.8cm
Height: 21cm
Language: English
Cover: Softcover
Binding: sewn in section