Crafting Narrative

Everyone has a relationship with stories, the telling and the receiving. This transcends time, culture and media.
This publication presents a story constructed by curator Onkar Kular. It brings tgether a series of plots, characters, and narrative points of view, in wich making, materials and embodied knowledge play a central role. Includes work by Åbäke, Auger-Loizeau, Carl Clerkin, Martino Gamper, Cecilie Gravesen, El Ultimo Grito, Zhenhan Hao, Hilda Hellström, Hefin Jones, Onkar Kular, Dash Mcdonald, Noam Toran, Dawn Youll.

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Author / Editor: Onkar Kular and Crafts Council
Design: Åbäke
Year: 2016
Price: £20
Pages: 52 + 48 = 100
ISBN number: 1—903713—42—0
Weight: 630 g
Width: 31.5 cm
Height: 31.5 cm
Language: English
Cover: Like a vinyl record with two booklets
Quality: Offset