Another game whose rules I ignoreby Boris Achour & Åbäke

Any card game is possible, Scrabble is possible, Tarot is possible, more is possible.
80 business cards sized game produced with the support of Fondation d’entreprise Ricard on the occasion of Boris Achour’s Game whose rules I ignore, 56th Biennale di Venezia, 2015
a/ Japan is the last place where business cards matter a little, I mean when I go there I give eighty to a hundred cards per week, man.
b/ I liked him very much, he was the kind of guy who played chess with tarot cards.
c/ Do you want to build a snowman with crushed bricks?

These cards are not available for sale but you might find a few in Venice in 2015 or when you buy other publications from Dent-De-Leone.

Author / Editor: Boris Achour and Åbäke
Design: Åbäke
Year: 2015
Price: Non Applicable
Pages: full set of 80 cards
First Edition: 500 sets
ISBN number: NA
Weight: 100g
Width: 5.5 cm
Height: 8.5 cm
Language: English and a bit of French
Cover: NA